About Us

Bob Lienemann


I was born in Nebraska in 1955. It was there that I learned to love the outdoors and the beauty of nature. While I am primarily self taught, I have also tutored under Galen Rowell, whose vision and techniques I admire. I like to photograph nature in its most undisturbed state and in the best lighting conditions possible. To meet these high standards I must hike farther and to more difficult places. This results in fewer but more unique and less known scenics. My goal is to convey to all my wonderment of God's creation in its many aspects through film.

Manipulation: Ansel Adams used a great amount in the lab to achieve his desired results. This was due to the limiting capabilities of film. Film limitation still plays a role today. Different films have different "color pallets" so in effect, the choice of film alone manipulates the image. Filters manipulate the scene before the exposure is taken. The only filter I use is a polarizer which cuts glare thereby allowing colors to be seen in their naturally rich tones. Essentially then, every photographer manipulates to some degree. Computer technology is also a tool that now can be used to alter an image. I rarely use this technique as I like to maintain as large a degree of authenticity as possible. I have used it to add text to photos, combine images, and in rare cases to balance color back to its original look to compensate film limitations. I will note any such use in the photo description when used.

Dianna Lienemann


Diana Horton Lienemann specializes in European Travel Photography capturing scenes of quaint towns, countrysides, famous locations, unnoticed treasures, and popular international mountain locations. Diana thoroughly enjoys the art of international travel photography, where she can experience other cultures and gain a better understanding of herself and the world while photographing special images of that location.

Diana has been a photographer for over 40 years, and utilizes both large format (4" x 5") and 35mm transparencies for the highest quality reproductions. The large transparencies have superior color and clarity producing large, sharp, vibrant prints.

Diana utilizes the best available natural light conditions to capture intense colors from warm sunlight or subdued moody atmosphere from foggy and cloudy scenes, and enjoys sharing her beautiful photographs and international experiences with her public at art shows. Diana has won many awards in photography and art. She is past president of Flatirons Photo Club and Colorado Nature Camera Club in Boulder, Colorado. Diana also teaches travel photography workshops in Europe and the United States.