Arizona Images

Arizona has the most variety of cactus found anywhere in the world. It is also blessed with the Grand Canyon and other fantastic rock formations that will stretch your imagination. The desert is not empty as some may think, so take a few moments to let your imagination play as did mine when working these compositions.

Antelope Canyon Porthole 171

This wonderfully sculpted sandstone is located near Page, Arizona.

Coyote Butts, Arizona 163

Beauty can be found in any place - even one of desolation.  While this is a very harsh environment, there are fantastic rock formations that can entertain any persons imagination........

Coyote Butts, Arizona 193

This is as close to visually feeling as though you are on the ocean without actually being on it.  The "waves" are certainly moving with great vigor........

Desert in Bloom: Superstition Mountains, Arizona 130

Fields of California poppies, lupine, and owl clover carpet areas of the desert........

Desert in Bloom: Superstition Mountains, Panoramic 130

Deserts are stingy.  Only once in about every 20 years will flowers bloom with this abundance.  

Sandstone & Clouds 104

I'm not sure which is more incredible, the rock bands that sweep your eye towards the center column of rock, or the clouds that drive your eye to the same place.  I like to think of this as the "Center of the Universe".

Sandstone Cheesecake 105

This rock looks like some fancy cheescake dessert.  God has an infinate amount of imagination.  Who would ever think you could find solid rock shaped like the ruffled edge of some elaborate dessert in the midst of a desert? 

Sandstone Curve 192

This is a good example of how "lead in" lines draw you into a scene.  Here the lines in the sandstone provide a visual rail road track to ride through the picture.