There is something different about the Canadian Rockies. They are lower than the U.S. Rockies, yet in many cases look taller. They also have a different geologic look with horizontal banding of the mountains. This banding happens seldom in the U.S. – the Maroon Bells of Colorado being one well known exception. Take a tour with a click of your mouse and see if you want to follow that up with one using your car.

Abraham Lake Canada 141

Abraham Lake is located north of Saskatchewan Crossing and east of Banff National Park. This scene was taken in October.

Butchart Garden Canada 166

This particular part of the gardens is called the "Sunken Gardens" because of its location in a pit.

Butchart Garden Fountain By Day 170

This large fountain is located just past the sunken garden portion of Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Garden Pool 168

Different countries are represented in the gardens here........

Butchart Gardens Twilight 167

The day isn't over just because it's over........

Jasper, Canada Frost 183

The reward for getting up before dawn and driving to a location is capturing the first light on a frosty morning.  While it is more comfortable to stay in a warm bed, moments like this can be remembered for a lifetime........

Lake O'Hara, Canada 187

In the detailed description I am able to explaine a few things about this location, but as for describing the beauty - I am at a loss........

Opabin Plateau, Canada 142


The late afternoon sun sets the Larch tress aglow in their yellow splendor in contrast to the dark shadows of approaching dusk -----

Saskatchewan Crossing 152

Saskatchewan Crossing 152

Spirit Island, Canada 140

Not every day needs to be topped by a clear blue sky.  While that would have made it possible to see more of the distant mountain peaks, this moody image is very delightful in its own special way.  The quiet light turns a "trumpet call" into a peaceful "flute" melody........