Inspirational Images

Good photography is inspiring to most people all by itself. We all think various thoughts when viewing an image, and sometimes a thought or axium just leaps out to fit the image being viewed. Here are a few that just hit me so much that I married the thought with the image. I hope you enjoy them as much as others have. All the images with text are also available in other galleries without the text. If you would like to create your own combination, contact me - I'd like to hear it.

Dancing Water 122-In

Have you ever seen a sprinkler going off in the middle of a waterfall? You still haven't even though it sure looks like it in this scene........

Opabin Plateau, Yoho National Park 142-In

Oh, the Canadian Rockies. These gorgeous larch trees glow in the late autumn sunlight in Yoho Nat. Park, near Lake Louise.  The text in the photo says it for me........

Spirit Island, Canada 140-In

Not every day needs to be topped by a clear blue sky.  While that would have made it possible to see more of the distant mountain peaks, this moody image is very delightful in its own special way.  The quiet light turns a "trumpet call" into a peaceful "flute" melody........

Swiss Alps & Tree Brach, Switzerland 138-In

You can turn a tragedy into something great. My tragedy was that the Brach chocolate factory nearby was closed to the public because it was off season. I had planned on taking the tour and trying just a few samples. Now that is a tragedy!!! But because I went without chocolate, I drove on and captured this view instead. Are you glad?

Teton Sunrise 126-In

An unusual sunrise rain shower provides what I call a "calendar" shot ----- (By the way I'm lucky to get 12 in a year - they just don't happen too often).