Night Images

Night photography as shown here is not "in the book" of photography. Digital cameras cannot take one long all night photo for various technical reasons. Digital time exposures must be taken in multiple smaller time frames, and then stitched together in the computer with a good amount of manipulation to make it all work. I consider this type of effort to be more computer work than photography. The images you will view here were all shot on Fuji Velvia slide film in one long continuous exposure.; No computer enhancement whatsoever was done. It took me six years to sucessfully capture the first correct exposure because neither light meters nor the human eye work to provide a light reading. I just had to keep guessing (taking shots in the dark) until I got it right. Enjoy seeing what only the camera can capture.

Aspen & Stars 137

This exposure ran for 63 minutes leaving a circular pattern of star trails behind the pattern of aspen branches. The North Star is the center dot of the star wheel.

Landscape Arch 107-2

This night photo ran over a time span of 4 hours and 50 minutes. The long streaks in the sky are star trails........

Mano Arch Stars 115

The streaks in the sky are caused by the stars tracking through the sky with the rotation of the earth........

Mayflower Gulch 1

No filters were used in this 20 second moonlight scene ------- 

Mayflower Gulch Stars 144

A lot of time has passed since this wood tower was constructed and a lot of time also passed in the taking of this photo -------

Moonlight and Steam 9

Geyser steam in Yellowstone National Park

Moonlight on Trees 68

This mysterious scene was created when geothermal steam rose into the cold February air ----

Mt. Sherman Mine Stars 145

A rainbow of stars dances around this old mining ruin -----

Old Faithful and Orion 67

I waited for this scene to unfold on three different nights before all the elements came together for me ----

Red Buffalo Pass 109

Red Buffalo Pass 109

Sneffels Moonlight 143

This night exposure in the Colorado San Juan Mts. ran all night long for 6 hours and 45 minutes.  The moon shows in the upper left hand corner and provided the illumination for the landscape.  Stars appear as streaks in the pattern of a rainbow.

Temple Of The Moon 125

One may wonder how there could be enough light to record this at night but the math shows that this image is 1,537,500 times longer than the average 1/ 125 of a second daytime shot........