Wyoming Images

Yellowstone National Park is strongly featured in this galley. Yellowstone in the winter is like stepping into the movie set of Dr. Shivago. The mix of subzero air and boiling water creates a never ending display of frost and ice formations. Bob has gone there six times, which is not yet enough visits. Enjoy the galley and see if you agree.

Buffalo Sauna 118

Believe it or not, this peaceful image bears witness to a struggle between life and death.

Geyser Steam 174

This fantastic pattern of steam is created by the pre eruption phase of Grand Geyser in Yellowsstone National Park.  Yellowstone in mid winter provides a never ending display of steam drifting in the wind, frost coated on trees and even animals and icicles in abundance.  The colder it is, the better the show. 

Herond Pond 127

There are TWO black bears in this scene.  You should be able to see one of them when viewing the larger image, but the second one is harder to find.  I have enlarged this image to 30 x 38 and in that glorious size the second bear is easily visible.  This phot can take enlargement to at least 5 feet on the SMALL length and look very sharp!!

Herond Pond Panoramic 127

There are TWO brown bears in this picture.  While hard to spot in this small preview size, they will have you running when printed to 24x57 size. 

Moonlight and Steam 9

Geyser steam in Yellowstone National Park

Moonlight on Trees 68

This mysterious scene was created when geothermal steam rose into the cold February air ----

Old Faithful and Orion 67

I waited for this scene to unfold on three different nights before all the elements came together for me ----

Teton Sunrise, Wyoming 126

An unusual sunrise rain shower provides what I call a "calendar" shot ----- (By the way I'm lucky to get 12 in a year - they just don't happen too often).

Tetons Frost 196

The temperature at this moment was near 40 below zero.  In these conditions I had to keep taking my cameras back to the car every five or ten minutes and heat them up so they would continue to function.  Photography can be a "bitter" experience at times but can at the same time provide some good trophies........

Tetons Hermitage Point 128

The Teton Valley puts on quite a good show if you get there just when the spring flowers begin to bloom.  That way there is still a good amount of snow on the Tetons to put the "icing" on the cake........

Tetons Herond Pond 181

What a great reflection! Herond Pond is so close to Jackson Lake that in the high water period of spring runoff, they actually become one right where you see the break in the trees beyond the lilly pads........