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American Basin Wildflowers 136

Wildflowers compete for visual attention high up in American Basin. The major players here are columbine, paintbrush, and larkspur.

Bluebonnets By The River, Texas 159

The bluebonnets of Texas rival the poppy blooms in Arizona........

Butchart Garden Canada 166

This particular part of the gardens is called the "Sunken Gardens" because of its location in a pit.

Butchart Garden Fountain By Day 170

This large fountain is located just past the sunken garden portion of Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Garden Pool 168

Different countries are represented in the gardens here........

Butchart Gardens Twilight 167

The day isn't over just because it's over........

Columbine 121

Columbines bloom in the short, short summer growing season above treeline........

Corral & Lupine 155

Just as old cabins age and succumb to the ravages of time, so too do old wooden fences........

Dallas Divide Lupines 156

The scent from this many flowers is delightful.  You simply need to take a nice breath and enjoy.  This was a particularly good year for the lupine........

Desert in Bloom: Superstition Mountains, Arizona 130

Fields of California poppies, lupine, and owl clover carpet areas of the desert........

Desert in Bloom: Superstition Mountains, Panoramic 130

Deserts are stingy.  Only once in about every 20 years will flowers bloom with this abundance.  

Desert Stream 106

Shhh---don't tell anyone about this secret spot. Believe it or not, all this water is coming from a single spring in the middle of the desert!

Flowers In The Snow 152

These flowers need to hurry up as this August snow is demonstrating.

Havar, Croatia Panorama 96

Havar, Croatia Panorama 96

Hummingbird Bench In Bluebonnets 160

It’s lovely scrollwork features hummingbirds feeding on flowers........

Lavendar Fields, Washington 184

Oh, to walk among the rows and rows of lavender taking in the sweet aroma!!