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Abraham Lake Canada 141

Abraham Lake is located north of Saskatchewan Crossing and east of Banff National Park. This scene was taken in October.

American Basin Wildflowers 136

Wildflowers compete for visual attention high up in American Basin. The major players here are columbine, paintbrush, and larkspur.

Autumn Maroon Bells 17

Maroon Bells in Autumn 17

Buffalo Mt. Winter Sunrise 199

This scene has all the magic you could ask for in a photo........

Catamarans & Buffalo Mt. 63

Buffalo Mt. looks on as catamarans are prepared for their annual race here on Lake Dillon.

Cimarron Valley Scrub Oak 164

It is unusual to have the scrub oak turning to their brilliant fall colors while the aspen remain green........

Cinnamon Pass Cabin 132

Old cabins are falling down every year and cannot be replaced or repaired making the charm they add to a scene harder to come by with every passing year........

Cliffside B&B Switzerland

Cliffside B&B Switzerland

Dallas Divide Autumn 67

Dallas Divide Autumn 

Dallas Divide Summer 66

Dallas Divide Summer 

Dillon Lake 4 Seasons 102-4

This scene dissapeared from its present state almost from the moment I took the last photo.  The background is there, and the lake is there, but the foreground is completely changed........

Dillon Lake 53

Breaking fog left behind a nights accumulation of frost in this magic scene.  

Dillon Marina Snow 173

What makes this image so spectacular is that it was taken at the peak of summer in the middle of August........

Dolomite Church 146

Dolomite Church 146

Gimmelwald Valley 176

Gimmelwald Valley 176

Gimmelwald, Switzerland 175

Gimmelwald, Switzerland 175

Grays & Torreys Sunset 179

You just saw a sunrise series that blew you away but you prefer sunsets -- OK then -- here are three of them to tempt you.

Herond Pond 127

There are TWO black bears in this scene.  You should be able to see one of them when viewing the larger image, but the second one is harder to find.  I have enlarged this image to 30 x 38 and in that glorious size the second bear is easily visible.  This phot can take enlargement to at least 5 feet on the SMALL length and look very sharp!!

Herond Pond Panoramic 127

There are TWO brown bears in this picture.  While hard to spot in this small preview size, they will have you running when printed to 24x57 size.