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Antelope Canyon Porthole 171

This wonderfully sculpted sandstone is located near Page, Arizona.

Candlestick Tower 165

If your vehicle can take the pounding, the views from the White Rim of Canyonlands National Park can be rewarding........

Coyote Butts, Arizona 163

Beauty can be found in any place - even one of desolation.  While this is a very harsh environment, there are fantastic rock formations that can entertain any persons imagination........

Coyote Butts, Arizona 193

This is as close to visually feeling as though you are on the ocean without actually being on it.  The "waves" are certainly moving with great vigor........

Coyote Gulch 161

The only thing more unusual than a waterfall in a desert is to have a double fall........

Coyote Gulch Cottonwood 162

A cottonwood tree could never grow this slender unless it was in a place protected from the wind such as this canyon. It must grow tall to capture as much sun as possible and this results in a great measuring stick for the scale of the scene.

Coyote Gulch Waterfall 116

Warm or cool shower in the desert - the choice is yours........

Coyote Natural Bridge 103

The view through this opening in the sandstone naturally draws the viewer into the scene with wonderment of what will greet them on the other side. 

Desert Pool 129

This pool is sheer  magic in a desert. The early spring colors are saturated and if you are wondering how there can be the blue colors in the image, read on........

Devils Kitchen, Utah 172

Late afternoon sunlight brings out the fanciful features of Devil's Kitchen located near Escalante, Utah. A must see area near Escalante and Lake Powell.

Landscape Arch 107-2

This night photo ran over a time span of 4 hours and 50 minutes. The long streaks in the sky are star trails........

Mano Arch Stars 115

The streaks in the sky are caused by the stars tracking through the sky with the rotation of the earth........

Rattlesnake Canyon Colorado 190

Bet you can't guess where this arch is located........

Sandstone & Clouds 104

I'm not sure which is more incredible, the rock bands that sweep your eye towards the center column of rock, or the clouds that drive your eye to the same place.  I like to think of this as the "Center of the Universe".

Sandstone Cheesecake 105

This rock looks like some fancy cheescake dessert.  God has an infinate amount of imagination.  Who would ever think you could find solid rock shaped like the ruffled edge of some elaborate dessert in the midst of a desert? 

Sandstone Curve 192

This is a good example of how "lead in" lines draw you into a scene.  Here the lines in the sandstone provide a visual rail road track to ride through the picture. 

Temple Of The Moon 125

One may wonder how there could be enough light to record this at night but the math shows that this image is 1,537,500 times longer than the average 1/ 125 of a second daytime shot........