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Abraham Lake Canada 141

Abraham Lake is located north of Saskatchewan Crossing and east of Banff National Park. This scene was taken in October.

Buffalo Mt. Winter Sunrise 199

This scene has all the magic you could ask for in a photo........

Dallas Divide Autumn 67

Dallas Divide Autumn 

Dillon Lake 4 Seasons 102-4

This scene dissapeared from its present state almost from the moment I took the last photo.  The background is there, and the lake is there, but the foreground is completely changed........

Dillon Lake 53

Breaking fog left behind a nights accumulation of frost in this magic scene.  

Dillon Marina Snow 173

What makes this image so spectacular is that it was taken at the peak of summer in the middle of August........

Flowers In The Snow 152

These flowers need to hurry up as this August snow is demonstrating.

Geyser Steam 174

This fantastic pattern of steam is created by the pre eruption phase of Grand Geyser in Yellowsstone National Park.  Yellowstone in mid winter provides a never ending display of steam drifting in the wind, frost coated on trees and even animals and icicles in abundance.  The colder it is, the better the show. 

Gimmelwald, Switzerland 175

Gimmelwald, Switzerland 175

Grays & Torreys Sunset 179

You just saw a sunrise series that blew you away but you prefer sunsets -- OK then -- here are three of them to tempt you.

Hanging Lake 103-2

The same place in different seasons of the year can look so different it is hard to think they can be the same location.  

Hanging Lake Ice 182


Bring your ice axe and head up to Hanging Lake in the middle of winter. There are no mosquitoes, no people and lots of ice to admire........

Hanging Lake Winter 103-2

Make sure you view the preceding image - it will be hard for you to believe it is the same plac........

Jasper, Canada Frost 183

The reward for getting up before dawn and driving to a location is capturing the first light on a frosty morning.  While it is more comfortable to stay in a warm bed, moments like this can be remembered for a lifetime........

Lake O'Hara, Canada 187

In the detailed description I am able to explaine a few things about this location, but as for describing the beauty - I am at a loss........

Maroon Bells In The Fall 131

I nearly missed this glorious autumn moment as I lay hunkered down in my tent through two days of rain and snow.

Maroon Bells In The Fall 185

I nearly missed this glorious autumn moment as I lay hunkered down in my tent through two days of rain and snow.

Mayflower Gulch 1

No filters were used in this 20 second moonlight scene ------- 

Moonlight and Steam 9

Geyser steam in Yellowstone National Park