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Buffalo Mt. Winter Sunrise 199

This scene has all the magic you could ask for in a photo........

Grays & Torreys Sunrise 176

These three images could make a great triptic or theme for anyone who loves sunrises.


Grays & Torreys Sunset 179

You just saw a sunrise series that blew you away but you prefer sunsets -- OK then -- here are three of them to tempt you.

Jasper, Canada Frost 183

The reward for getting up before dawn and driving to a location is capturing the first light on a frosty morning.  While it is more comfortable to stay in a warm bed, moments like this can be remembered for a lifetime........

Landscape Arch 107-2

This night photo ran over a time span of 4 hours and 50 minutes. The long streaks in the sky are star trails........

Mt Sneffels Sunset 133

Both the day and the season are drawing to a close in this colorful sunset shot of the "14er", Mt. Sneffels ------

Rattlesnake Canyon Colorado 190

Bet you can't guess where this arch is located........

Shrine Ridge Sunrise 194


I wonder if this is why people fall in love with Colorado. It works for me -----

Ten Mile Range Sunrise 202

I have a series of sunrise and sunset images of Grays and Torreys peaks in this Colorado gallery, but here is a stand alone of Peak 1 in Ten Mile Range. I love sunrises!!!

Teton Sunrise 126-In

An unusual sunrise rain shower provides what I call a "calendar" shot ----- (By the way I'm lucky to get 12 in a year - they just don't happen too often).

Willow Lake Sunrise 52

I call this an "upside down" sunrise because the light appears below the shaded mountain peaks ----

Willow Lakes Sunrise 198

This is one of the most intense examples of Alpine Glow I have ever witnessed........

Yosemite Boulders 200

The first rays of morning light caress these boulders........

Yosemite Halfdome 201

A Yosemite sunrise lights up the Royal Arches........