Gieclee - Ink-jet on Canvas

This format of ink jet printing to a canvas stretched over a wood frame provides the highest standard for displaying photo images. The image wraps around the frame eliminating the need for mats, glass, or heavy outer frame, providing the collector with very large, yet very lightweight artwork. The look is incredible in detail and gives the image an almost 3D quality. All images can be printed in this format but we do not recommend it for images smaller in size than 20 x 30 inches.

Canvas Wrapped Frame Price
20" X 30" $773.00
30" X 38" $1436.00
24" X 57" $1488.00
48" X 60" $2875.00
NO Frame, just picure 
20" X 30" $625.00
30" X 38" $1030.00
24" X 57" $1185.00
48" X 60" $1957.00

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Picture of canvas wrapped frame: